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Article 1835The first known reference to a rowing club in Ipswich.

The Suffolk Chronicle – 11th April 1835






Oil Painting W4+

The Wet Dock, Ipswich – Claude Lorraine Nursey,  – Circa 1842 – ©Ipswich Borough Council 

A very early image, possibly the earliest example of a women’s crew, dressed identically for racing. The wet dock in the background was opened in 1842 with great pomp and ceremony, as the largest wet dock in the country at that time.  A visiting crew of women from the south coast travelled to ‘take on allcomers’.  This is likely to be them, captured in the oil painting.


ORC Crew Postcard 1903








1903  Orwell RC sitting in front of the                                        2015 – Ipswich RC pontoons moored old lock entrance in New Cut.                                                           against the old pier of the paddle                                                                                                                      steamer  left.

The last two boathouses on the Orwell – Naiad RC and Petrels RC, (later taken over by Orwell Works RC after WWII) the clubs transferred here in 1903, with a 25 year lease, at £5 per annum.  The boathouses were attached to the corner of the tidal bathing place, now covered by the Gravel Rowing Club John Palmer 3Wharf of the West Bank. Ransomes foundry is in the background.  The buildings were burnt down in 1948, apparently by local children starting a bonfire under the piles at low tide. ©Ipswich Maritime Trust




The Petrels John Palmer 2


Probably the Naiad RC, resting in Cliff Bight just out from the boathouses seen above. The end of the same foundry buildings can be seen in the background.

©Ipswich Maritime Trust


The below crew are sitting inside of the Wet Dock just through the lock gates.

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